One month break no contact? ?


Me and my boyfriend have decided to have a one month break with no contact to sort our lives out and see what we want from each other and our relationship, as we were having a lot of arguments recently, even though we are still in love and we were commuted we knew it wasn’t working for us at the time, we agreed that we wouldn’t see other people in the break, and before you comment oh you’re an idiot for thinking that he won’t sleep around, I know I’m not, because I know my relationship better than you. .

Anyway, opinions on this, do you think the break will help? Or do you think it’s just the start of a break up?


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  • I don't think it's the start of a break up, when it's literally a break up. You shouldn't need to redefine the parameters of a relationship to fix it, cutting back on contact is one thing but going single for a month then trying to continue on again isn't what sorts out problems


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  • You had a cool off period. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn't. What now?

  • that break won't help


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