Is this possibly an attempt at poisoning? mom hasn't been on great terms with her boyfriend lately?

wShe hasn't invited him to spend the night in the 4 months? We have a full house. He knows there isn't room for him but yet he popped out of the blue after an argument with my mom the day before. It was odd it was like nothing happened. the argument was about his suspicion of what moms had going on since he hasn't been around. He showed up spent night uninvited. He normally caters to my moms literal every need. He loves to cook elaborate meals and even tho My moms a solid 110lbs at 5'4, she always ate a lot. She had gotten deathly ill losing blood and vomiting and hives last July when he been around often and she ended up having a blood transfusion. I never thought much about it but when she was in the hostpital she joked about him maybe spiking her food. We watch a lot of ID channel so I thought nothing of it. Now yesterday after showing up he went to buy food to cook not knowing our oven just went out that morning. So he prepared the food and we took it to my moms friend to cook it. When we got the food to our place again, he joked about how it tasted different and nasty the way she cooked it. The next morning he made fresh koolaid. I never saw this part. Me and my mom had already went for soda. When we got back home, she had half of her drink left in her cup. She said he ask her if she wanted koolaid and kinda made her feel pressured to drink it so she stood drank the rest of her soda and gave him the cup. He filled her cup then left. She ended up tasting it about 10 min later and ended up getting me to taste to see if it was weired and it tasted horrible like bitter aspirin or medicine. She called thinking He was trying to prank her. He says he poured it from the pitcher but the pitcher tastes fine like sweet koolaid. His reaction was to tell her to pour it out. What do yo think?


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  • You know, that all sounds really paranoid but... I mean, what do you think he's giving her? What would be the motive for killing her? Why are you guys drinking Kool-aid?

    The whole thing sounds so creepy and while your story is a bit fantastic, I do want to give you the benefit of the doubt because it's so serious. Have you talked to your mom about this? What has she said? The next time you have a questionable drink, maybe you should save it to get tested? I don't know who will actually test it for you because most people will think you're crazy and for some reason, your family doesn't sound like the type who have lots of friends in the biotech industry, but for your own sanity, I would think it would be good to try to get something analyzed the next time this happens.

    • Well I do have brothers in the bioinformatics field but they live in another state. And I didn't consume the drink my mom's boyfriend gave it to her. I only tasted it to see if it was just something she ate, we drank koolaid because it was late mom's boyfriend was thirsty and wanted soda but the stores were closed that night. I think the drink tasted like strong BC powder and that itself is enough to put my mom in the hospital. Especially since she isn't suppose to consume she asprin. It makes her bleed heavily.. the motive could be a number of things that im now willing to share openly. I just hope me and mom are just paranoid because her boyfriend seems like a good guy

    • And we also saved the drink and are waiting to do something with it haven't decided yet. It literally tasted like dissolved medication i wanted to vomit after a very small taste it was that bitter

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