Can we reconcile?

My partner recently broke things off with me after an amazing relationship. We were crazy about each other however we have 3 children between us from previous relationships and our eldest 2 didn't always see eye to eye. His eldest has a lot of anger issues etc and sometimes my child would insigate fights causing them to escalate. He found this very stressful as did I but I know kids fight and when they got on, they got on well.
Aside from this we were a proper family and I did and still do believe he is the one for me. I am completely heart broken and have stupidly tried all the begging and tears and trying to persuade him but he just keeps saying it's not going to work and that il thank him in the long run. He's now getting angry with me and asked me not to contact him. He recently told a friend he really does love me and care for me but had to end it now instead of going on another few months and hurting me further down the line. I just can't bare to be without him. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? Is this something that can be fixed?


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  • work out where things have been going wrong and start going to marriage counselling.


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