Typical question: How can a guy ignore a girl he says he loves?

He said that he liked you. He said that he loves you. He said that he does not want to lose you but why would he ignore you? Not talk to you if to fix the issue. 😐


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  • Maybe he liked you but just lost feelings? Or of course he could have lied to in order to get what he wanted. Words mean nothing without actions

    • Thank you for your response 😊 sometimes we know the answers ourselves but still would love to hear perspective from others 😊 Thank you so much

    • My pleasure <3 you'll find someone else x

  • It could be he has given up and doesn't want to deal with you anymore. Talk is cheap. Actions are louder.

    • Awww thanks sis! Prolly 😊 Appreciate this

    • I know it hurts but I went through this too. People can say whatever tf they want to comfort you with a lie. But in the end, they don't walk their talk, I bounce. I'm not holding on to words anymore.

    • "Not holding on to words" that is sweet 😊 I will take not of that

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