Broken up with & possibly pregnant?

So me and a long time friend starting dating towards the end of July.. He's always been trying to be more than friends or hang out but I was so stuck on my ex I've always had him in the "friend zone". 2 weeks after we got together I looked in his phone & saw that he was cheating. I confronted him about it and his excuse was that he needed to get adjusted to the relationship (just because you need to get adjusted doesn't mean you cheat after all HE was the one who wanted it to be a relationship.) So basically I let it go, he said he would stop. So the other day I once again went in his phone, to see he's still been cheating. On the way to work I asked him why was he cheating on me, he did nothing but turn the music up. So of course, I just kept asking him why and why with them and what I'm doing wrong. During the beginning of the relationship I've always asked him "are you sure this is what you want?" Because I know we're both still young, not even 25 yet so of course he's going to want to party, hop on different people, etc. And he always replied with "yes you're all I want." So yesterday we both were off for work and I was just asking him what our plans were and he said he was gonna be busy. So I'm like okay doing what? And long story short he ended up saying we need some time apart (which I saw coming.) But the worst part about him breaking up with me is that we both know I might be pregnant (he was doing it on purpose the entire time). I ended up blocking him on every social media site and on the phone. And now I'm just stuck and lost... He's supposed to see me before work later on but I really don't know what to say or do... I feel like he just came in my life, saw something he wanted, messed everything up and just left. I was in such a happy place before he came along, self love and everything and now all I feel is down.. So on the way to work should I say anything about this "break" or just leave it as is? & if I am pregnant, what should I do?


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  • Tell him that you are pregnant and find out his reaction

  • raise your baby to be smartr


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