What does he really think about me?

My boyfriend and me, we are together nearly 7 months. At the beginning of the relationship he's very gentle man...after we are together for 3 months, I slept with him. until now we usually meet at my place. I never know where he lives and never know his mate. The point is after we make love every time he always tell me he feel guilty he don't want to do that because it's a sin, making love without marriage but after 3-5 days later he usually call and ask me to sleep with him again. but last time, he suggest me that we should know each other more if we continue doing like these we won't have a future together. He think we should meet at public place so that he can control himself not to makin' love with me. I feel happy at that time and after that he called me next day and we talked for a while, but yesterday and today I sent him text and he never reply. so I don't know what should I do and what does he think about me?


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  • You want me to be honest?

    He is playing with your head.

    Him saying "making love is a sin" is complete bullsh*t. How the f*** can you believe him when he's calling in the end of the week saying "he wants some ass"...opps...I mean "he wants to make love".

    And OF COURSE he's going to act like he wants to "get to know you better". I mean, why wouldn't he when HE KNOWS FOR A FACT he's going to get some p**** at the end of the week.

    He doesn't see any boundries, so he feels its OK. Him saying "I feel guilty" sh*t AFTER HE BUSTES A NUT is him trying to receive PITY from you, so he looks innocent, yet still able to bang you. I don't know if your Boyfriend treat you good or not, but the fact that he is lying like this IS bad news...

  • so you dnt know he lives, in that case you don't even know were he goes after he makes sweet love to every time and then says he's guilty for doing so, but then calls you after 3-5 day to make love agian basicly...theres something fishy already...(I think your just BOOTY call) ifcalls you or text you don't reply for the same amount of time he doesnt, and give a reason why you haven't if he's into you like he says he is then hell come to you he knows where to find you. he souldnt be the only one that controls this relationship...


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