I'm so unsure about everything. What are your thoughts?

We were just starting to get serious. two days before the break up, we were talking about our bucket list and our future together. That same day he told me his coworker was moving in with him temporarily, but he said he was kicking them out on the weekends for me. Out of the blue Saturday night, after some playful texting, he says but I've been thinking. About where he was and life with his career. How he didn't plan on staying in the state for much longer, and how a serious relationship isn't ideal right now, and that he's sorry. Later Saturday night, I reactivated my dating profile. The same one we met on, and he was on it to. It said he was looking for a relationship, but at the bottom he wrote, looking for friends and someone to hang out with. So I feel torn, was he telling me the truth? Was he just tired of me? Does he miss me? How do I move on?


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  • it could be multiple reasons, but whatever happened. happened, i know this must be very hard for you, but you should try to move on by finding someone else

  • He did what he considers the best call for his future and career, sounds like he was being sincere.

    • He's never given me a reason not to trust him. So I like to think he's telling me the truth. I understand and always encouraged him to chase he's goals. It just stings to see him on his account. And how in a few hours, we went From lovers to strangers.

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