Ex Boyfriend Claims He Still Loves Me

When my ex dumped me because of his parents he said how he didn't want to do it and how he still loved me, but because I was upset I talked about him behind his back and said something about how he better have not lied and used his parents as an excuse to dump me, he confronted me about it and I explained to him that I didn't mean it. But now we don't even talk anymore. I'm I suppose to just move on?


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  • that means he didn't really love you he just didn't want to break your heart, he wanted to let you go easily and now that you talked about him it gave him an excuse to let you go. move on nobody deserves to be dumped that way. hope I helped

    • How can you decide tht he didn't love her by the info, curious

  • If you can forgive him, stay. If not, move on.


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