Why would he end our friends with benefits relationship?

We have been friends for a few months now and when we started college back this fall we started hooking up. We have discussed how neither of us want a serious relationship but randomly out of the blue he said he thinks we want different things rn and he doesn't want to waste my time bc I deserve better so we should just see other people for now. I just don't get why he ended it he wouldn't give me a reason he still wants to be friends so why would he give up the sex. Is it because he is catching feelings and doesn't want them? He actually sees a future with me and doesn't want to screw it up? He has said many times he wants to settle down one day but now rn he is the one ywho has gotten jealous and has mentioned future plans I gave him space and I told him I didn't want to date I just don't get it
*he has mentioned taking me to his hometown one day and said he wants to settle down but can't rn he was getting jealous but I totally went on his terms and never asked what we were or about other girls so I'm confused why he would end it especially if he still wants to be friends I won't lie I did have some feelings but I never mentioned them or let them get in the way
Also I'm going to his next frat party and I don't know wether to completely ignore him or not


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  • He's found someone else

    • I mean I figured he has been talking to other people but why break it off when he doesn't want a relationship with anyone?

    • He's changed his mind or found someone that's made him change his mind

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