Why does my ex boyfriend feel the need to tell people I'm his "crazy ex-girlfriend with stalkerish tendencies"?

It's been 3 years since we broke up. It ended pretty ugly, he made our relationship ugly post-break up by doing petty, immature and passive aggressive things to me. He would follow me, talk loud about his life behind me, flirt with other girls in front of me, constantly stare, and others idiotic things. All this time, I was quiet and ignored him since I figured it was his way of coping. But, it's been 3 YEARS and he continues to believe that I'm the crazy ex girlfriend even though I ended things telling him I would always care for him and that I valued what we had. If anything he was stalkerish, he would follow me and walk on the opposite side of the street and whistle to get my attention, he sits at my table during dinner time at the dining halls, he walked up to my mom, he would be sure to do some pretty ill-spirited things. It's all just very hurtful and sad that he feels the need to justify the break up by making me sound like I'm crazy. The worst part is, I still have feelings for him. Him saying these things makes me feel awful.

Normally, it wouldn't matter to me but we still see eachother quite a lot in college and we have a lot of the same friends.


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  • Why do you care what your ex boyfriend says and why is it bothering you so much?


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