Ex contacts 1 year after we break up?

My ex and I shared a beautiful 2 year relationship during high school and were keen on long distance after my gap year and I left for uni. However he changed his mind and we broke up during my gap year mutually. In a month he had another girlfriend and that crushed me and I had a major down-spiral. I became the female equivalent of a fuckboy. He tried to be friendly after the break-up but I cut him off, it was hard for me. He also said some things that undermined our relationship and he knew would hurt me.

8 months after the break up I called him again to ask how he could just jump into another girls arms so fast and then we spoke as friends for a bit.. (I was pretty much crying softly as I was drunk and still hurt). 2 weeks after the phone call his girlfriend tries to friend me on FB and even poked me, tf?

4 months after the call (a year after breakup) he whatsapps me "hey" and is trying to have a friendly convo. I dont understand why because he stopped trying to be friends after 3 months of the breakup and is still w that girl. Also, the phone call was clearly a drunk call from my side and he said he only spoke coz his girlfriend wanted him to clear things out w me.

I dont know what to do.. should I talk to him or just ignore it.. I still am a little affected by this.
Ex contacts 1 year after we break up?
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