Will girls date shorter guys?

I broke up with my girlfriend i am very insecure about my height as i am a bit short and thus very worried about dating again


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  • In general girls prefer taller and guys prefer shorter, but there's always people who are exactly the opposite and prefer the other... and even if they don't prefer it, sometimes when you get to know someone, that stuff goes unnoticed...

    Although it's not sooooo common, I see it more often now, where they are either he same or girl is slightly taller... sometimes even a lot taller...

    Don't let it show that you care and maybe eventually you won't even care and others won't mind it so much either.


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  • I tried it. Not really though. He was extremely awkward and was like the girl in the relationship as far as who cuddled up to who and who was like more dominant i guess. It was weird. Never again.

  • Sure they can


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