My ex and I broke up and now he is flirting with me! O.o

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. He was immensely devastated. ( We broke up on amicable terms and not as feuds) We didn't speak for 2 weeks. Yesterday, we finally spoke, he changed. He became so much different, very confident and happy. He was always confident but, he wasn't so direct and cheerful before. It is a good change for him, but he seems like a different person. And, wow, he doesn't stop flirting with me! It's like wow, how crazy...I asked him if something good happened, and he said yes, and it's a secret. I thought he found a new girl, which would be awesome, yet he was flirting with me. He seems like a pro flirt, unlike before O.o ( he was good but not so good) He is acting like nothing happened as if we were still together...Can someone explain me what is happening here?
More info about him

-He wasn't such an expert with language and persuasiveness with women, he didn't use to flirt so much.

-He used to be more of an introvert, and sounded very honest. (Now he sounds like a player, and very fake)
He is treating me like an easy girl now... He is acting like nothing happened, and as if I'd do something very intimate with him physically anytime he wishes...It feels a bit like he is degrading's a bit rude... >.< why is he like this?


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  • Well...maybe he got on here and asked advice...and someone set him straight LOL

    So am I hearing second thoughts?

    Dunno sugar...maybe the breakup was a good thing.

    Just speculation. I don't know enough about him to give more than that. Sometimes it takes something shaking us up to help us make changes for the better.

    • No, no second thoughts, we're friends, I've always wanted to continue being friends with him only. Actually I rather prefer shy guys, he sounds like a player (he sounded so fake yesterday, he used to sound honest). Like the type of guy that can get a lot of girls. My preference still goes for the guys who aren't exceedingly social, introvert and, I don't know timid I guess. The break up was a good thing, I don't regret it.

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    • Tou have the right to be respected. Ignore or tell him's you right to do what you need to and think is right. If he's being a jerk he doesn't deserve any respect from you.

    • Actually, I don't think it's his fault for doing what he is doing. From my knowledge of him, it is very hard for him to trust someone and he trusted me. Yet, I could not continue with the relationship. He became doubtful of people, and sees women as sex tools, and likewise for the women. That is becuase, most women look for him for his body. I think I will tell him that, please don't talk to me like this and that, I like him for being himself and not for his body :D

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  • hello.looking for a friends


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  • He wants to have his cake and eat it too! He's pushing your buttons, and gets the gratification from you as a result, and doesn't have to deal with the emotional aspects of a relationship. Time for you to show yourself some respect and find a real guy who won't manipulate your emotions... Best wishes to you.

    • Ah, I'm good, I'm not interested in relationships. I am just focusing on medicine, piano and horseback riding. I'm a virgin, and he knows that if he wants to have sex with me, it wouldn't be easy. (I said that I would only have sex with a guy after I date him for over 2 yrs, it's when hormones settle down and the attraction won't be solely dependent on it) And he knows I am well over him, and that we can only be friends. Then, why is he acting like this?

    • Actually, I am not in the least interested in relationships, I think they are bothersome. I'm just trying to focus in medicine, piano and horseback riding atm He is not manipulating my emotions because frankly, I'm not in the least interested. He knows I am not going to have sex with him, I am still a virgin. He knows as well that I would only do it with a guy after I date him for over 2 years at least. So it's odd.....Why is he doing this?

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