Can we get back together, or am I stuck in the friend zone forever?

Me and this girl have been dating for a little over a month, and before that we were "friends" for 2 years. Yet not very close friends. We would probably talk 3 sentences awkwardly every week. But yesterday she broke up with me, and here are a few quotes from the message she sent "I thought I really liked you, but I think I just liked the fact of us being together" "I think I need to just be single right now, and make my way through the start of highschool with my friends" "I feel like what we are just super close friends" but as I stated earlier, we have never been really close friends. And I'm wondering if there is any way possible I can get her to like me again, get a second chance with her.


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  • Good Luck if you are serious about this.


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