How to stop my boyfriend from using a phone all the time?

When I woke up, my boyfriend is already up and checking social media. After he left the gym and when he comes back to home, he starts to check social media. Not just with phone. When he checks them he uses phone and laptop at the same time and same social media. When he goes to the bathroom he is with his phone and he won't come back until 1 hour. When I'm chilling, he is listening a music with his headphones. I really can't have a conversation with him at all! So last night I said hey, you using too much phone. We can't have a conversation. Then what do you think what he said? He said, then go to sleep. I'm like he doesn't want me anymore? I can't understand him. And how can I stop him from using phone too much?


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  • This happens when you try to grow up very fast and its not his fault, you shouldn't be dating at this age (13) at all and I don't know, who even allowed you to live together.
    I will recommend you to return to your homework before you got in to any trouble.

    • My age is not real

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    • He is 27 I am 22

    • lol, its new and I think
      He is not serious about your relationship thing or you guys are not compatible at all.

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  • He sounds childish and not ready for a relationship which is not surprising at your age. Stop wasting your time and end things. He still has lots of growing up to do and unfortunately most young relationships are doomed to fail anyway.

    • He is 27 I'm 22

    • How did you get your age group so wrong? 0_o

      But anyway, I still think that is a sign of immaturity and that you two are not nowhere near compatible. If he's not giving you want then it's time to question if you two are good for each other in the long run. I mean his interests seem different than yours

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  • Just grab it and u use it or instead stoping him u use to much of phone in front of him then he ll come to stop u so u told when i told u did not so now u stop or i ll not stop

  • then grab the phone lie on his chest and wrap his arms around u and talk

  • Grab it when you get the opportunity and hide it from him for a couple of hours

    • I did it before but he was like stop it this is my phone I can do whatever I want don't tell me what to do. Bullshit boyfriend

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