How soon do guys know if they like a girl?

I've been on three really nice dates with this one guy and he even made me dinner once. He then asked if I want to date him after we hung out a second time and on the third one, he asked again if we are more than friends. He is not good at texting because of his childhood (as you know, girls loooove to communicate all day but he said he's never been good at it because he's never had that kind of relationship with his family or other people). I just broke up with another guy when I started hanging out with him. He said he trusts me and understood that I don't easily trust people because I have been cheated on before.

Can guys really like someone that fast? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if a guy can be really that serious after knowing someone for just a short time.


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  • Yes, guys can get that serious.

    Here's the thing though, for guys "serious" does not necessitate feelings right away. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it does not.

    When we get into a relationship, it's because we get along with the person, we do have a level of trust (not complete), and we feel there is potential for the relationship to build.

    As I've learned, when girls enter into a relationship, it's because they feel a strong emotional attachment and know that the relationship has potential.

    Keep that in mind as you move forward. It doesn't mean he's going to be different, he doesn't mean he's going to plan his moves. Guys let the elements of a relationship build, and they dedicate themselves to the process.

    • Thank you for the simple explanation. Men still confuse me afer all this time as opposed to women who vocalize what they feel. And you are right, women need to feel emotionally attached first before jumping into a relationship. I just don't like how he does not communicate as well as my ex-boyfriends (ie. texting or calling). But I guess it's something I have to accept.

    • Ahhhhh, women don't vocalize accurately what they feel.

      They are just as scared as men are about being forthcoming.

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  • Well, it depends on how *seriously* "like" you mean... If you mean, proposing marriage this fast, head for the hills because this guy is unbalanced. But to know even sooner than this that you feel amazing chemistry with someone and connect with them on many levels? Hell yeah, it's possible. Granted, I'm a romantic and while I don't believe in deep and true love at first sight, do believe that you can meet someone and within minutes either feel something or not feel it.

    So I believe the answer is yes, a guy can like someone that fast. But if he really does and truly believes the connection is there, he will wait for you to discover similar feelings in your own time.

    • Lol. Nothing as serious as a marriage proposal. He did say I make him happy and that is probably the most romantic thing he's ever said to me. I do wish that sometimes he would be more vocal but he did warn me he's not like that.

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