What's the easiest way to breakup without hurting their feelings?

I have been dating this guy for about 6 months now & I realize that I don't have feelings for him. I can't see him as my husband, as the husband of my children, or even meeting my family & hanging out w/friends. He's a nice guy & treats me great but there are so many small things that annoy me about him & that make me realize I can never truly be with him. I don't want to lead him on any longer & want to break up but I'm scared on how to do it. I really don't want to hurt him and am not sure what I should say.

There is this other guy at work who I have a major crush on, and although nothing might ever happen, the fact that I can feel this way for someone & I never have for my current boyfriend is a sign that I need to move on.

I don't think he see's it coming. What is the best way to break it to him & how should I explain it?!


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  • There is no easy way...he will be crushed severely that's what a break-up is all about to begin with. From one point you make it seem as if he's a really great guy because you said that he's nice, and treats you good...i mean todays girls would only dream to have a guy like that compare to the actual jerk they have instead. And from another point you make it seem as if he's good...but ummm not good enough because there's some annoying things that you supposely don't like about him? But to make matters worse you admitted to saying that there's this guy at work that you happen to have a crushed on and all of a sudden you feel something that you would never ever feel for with your current boyfriend. It sounds very immature and weird with what your doing, are about to do...and will do with this guys heart, but at the end its all up to you to do what's best for you. Remember though it looks like he's done nothing wrong...but if you want to break his heart for nothing than go ahead. Remember nice guys like these don't really come around in a bunch...its only the jerks who you think are good that come in a whole bunch. In life people learn and but others learn the hard way, but like I said its all on you just be cautious with what your about to do good luck ms.


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  • that feeling is called lust and its caused by secretion proteins in the skin which bind to your smell receptors and send a signal to your brain causing the pituitary gland to release chemicals into your blood stream. that feeling is not love. love comes later much later. his proteins are vastly different then yours. you feel this way because he has genes that you dont. that is all, nothing magical or special about it. your 28 and well that's not young for a womb you have a few fertile years left I would say if this guy you with treats you good. I would reconsider.if he's responsible and stuff like that. the little things shouldn't matter. I can guarentee that this feeling will fade for this other guy. then your going to be thirty and in the same situation. so best of luck to you.


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  • There is no easy way. Someone is going to get hurt. You say you have no feelings for your boyfriend, but there must be something about him that you liked to have gone out with him in the first place. Everyone has some small irritation about them that can annoy the other.. So you want to break from this guy cos you feel more for a crush that may never happen! What if your crush turned out to be not such a nice guy?

    Well what if you break up with your boyfriend and then after much thinking, decide that he was the right one for you, once you were out of the relationship and you want him back, but he says no, then what?! You would have lost someone who is kind to you and treats you with respect. You need to really think ahead about this. whether your crush is really worth breaking up for.

    • Ok so my current boyfriend is nice to me, but the main issue is that I really don't have feelings for him in the way a person should. I don't see it going anywhere because he doesn't believe in a God, he doesn't want children, he swears like crazy, he has ADD & I enjoy just staying at home which he can't stand. When he drinks he becomes obnoxious, and it's just an ongoing list. I care for him as a person, but I know I don't want to be w/him. The other guy is irrelevant towards my feelings w/my bf.

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    • I know the ADD isint his fault, which is why I've stayed with him. And yes God & Children are his choice, but completely opposite of mine. So hence, the question doesn't lie in why I'm breaking up with him, but how best I should approach the break up. I don't questions why I'm doing it, just how I should do it.

    • There is no best way about it. Bottom line. You want to break from him, then talk to him face to face. Don't tell him by text, email, letter or phone, as that is the worst way. Just meet him and tell him, that you think you should let him go as you do not feel the same as you used to and that you didn't want for it to go on and on and things to end up worse.

      You are going to have to be cruel to be kind. Just take the bull by the horns.

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