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So me and my ex broke up about 9months ago. We were together three years. Two of the years were good and one were pretty sad because of boths depression etc. He has been hot and cold on me and about 2 months ago I was pretty done with it. He told me that he didn't ever want to see me or talk to me and he was soo over me and it wouldn't ever be us two again. I decided to block him everywhere, and so I did. I didn't know that you can see a persons snap mystorys without being friends so he stalked me for a week. We started in the same school two weeks ago and I have ignored him the best I can. He told our mutual friend that he was sad that I didn't talk to him or even say hi to him (why would I if he told me to not?) and that he noticed that I have blocked me everywhere (he tried to explain that he "forgot to block me"... He is staring at me at school and trying to talk and he told our friend here that "She should talk to me" again Why would I? what is wrong with him and what does he want? I still have feelings for him and Im trying to get over him.. I would love to be with him but I dont know what does he want... This makes me crazy.. Then he is always interrupting me when Im talking to other boys.. Help me!!!


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  • You're not ignoring him as your pretend to. Put more efforts.

    • okay, how? and what could that lead to? what does he want?

    • You don't need to care about what does he want, and that will lead to peace of mind i guess, and about how you just need to ignore him more like don't care at all about what your mutual friend say about him, etc..

  • Well if you can disappear do it
    You ain't trying hard to ignore him


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