Have you ever ended a relationship on good terms, but regretted it later?

question's up there ^^

I did end a relationship on good terms, but now I have second thoughts.


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  • I wish I could of ended my last relationship on good terms. Its better to end a relationship on good terms even if it after months because you never know if you are going to need that person or you don't want to burn your bridges with anyone ever in general.

    So why is it bad that you ended your relationship on good terms?


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  • No. I have ended a relationship on not-so-good terms and regretted it later though. Not a great idea to make an enemy out of someone who knows so much about you and could easily stab you in the back, at the very least by giving you a bad mention to someone who could have been a potential new friend.

  • I try to end all my relationships on good terms and usually don't regret it, unless they start getting crazy jealous when I start dating someone new.


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