Guys, if you found out that your ex-girlfriend sold 3 full body nudes of yourself to a person as revenge, how would you respond?

Please tell me which of these 6 best describes your thought, not what else you'd do other than these 6.

If it's the 1st option and it's a price other than $500, name the minimum she better pay you.

If you are ticked off that she made a profit off them as option 6, please go into full details.
  • She better pay me $500 or she'll get hurt
    Vote A
  • She better tell me who that person was
    Vote B
  • Take it for making mistake of sending her 3 nudes to start with
    Vote C
  • I'll try to plot a way to set her up to get arrested and do hard time
    Vote D
  • If I still have her full body nudes, I'll seek revenge by doing what she did to me
    Vote E
  • Hurt her physically badly for selling them rather than sending them for free
    Vote F
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What Guys Said 3

  • I would sue her for breach of privacy, I probably wouldn't care that much, but it would be fun to do

    • Okay but which of those 6 options best fits what you think?

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    • This isn't an atheist charging in to a church unwanted and saying you people are stupid... This is a public event were debate is the point. And if you say silly things, then people are gonna call you silly. If I say that I saw Elvis at the mall I have to expect people to call me silly... or crazy.
      And that whole Atmospheric layer thing... I don't know what religious blog you got that from, but it has no basis in reality, people back then lived shorter lives not longer because of bad nutrition and living conditions.
      Mocking people is wrong, but mocking ideas or believes is fair...
      Particularly if they are silly.

    • You can't prove that because you were not there. The Bible is a history book just like science books are. You just decide to believe in 1 of them.

      Did you know the Big Bang is not scientific? To be scientific, a thing must be testable, observable and repeatable. Can the Big Bang repeat itself? No. Did you test or observe it? No. Therefore, it is not scientific.

      To you it doesn't make sense because you are not guided by the Spirit, so you don't have the revelation to understand the things of God, nor His Holy book. Therefore, you call what you don't know as nonsense.

  • I'd get that b**** locked up. You bet your a$$ if a man did that to a woman he'd be in *huge* trouble.

  • Take her to court. It's against the law


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