An ex who told me he loves someone else and can't be with me because we don't work or understand each other. Will he try with me again? As time goes?

I need advice. Please be kind. I'm so hurt. We went out for 4 months. I know it's not long but I screwed up. I like him so much. We broke up once and I did change, but stress happen and I got so consumed in my own world that I stopped communicating with him. I screwed up. We argued about something so stupid on a Tuesday night. Then we stopped talking until Saturday. That day, I found out he confessed his love to someone else on Wednesday and that we broke up. He assumed that we were over. Broke me to pieces. I screwed up. I want him back. He said he found his soulmate. A person he thought he couldn't with. She's in a different state. He says he would not choose me bc he will not give up on her. I thought if I give him about a month. No contact. Today is the first day of no contact. Hard as fuck. I just want to beg but that's not helping. You think I can get him back the 3rd time. Be honest but nice. Please. Any chances?


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  • Slim to none, you just want him so the hurt stops so you create false hope for yourself to keep going. It's really not healthy

    • I haven't talked to him and I'm going to give it space. I do want him to stop the hurting but I'm not reaching out to him... it really sucks. Been crying my eyes out past 3 days.. I hope giving myself a month that I can change my actions...

    • To clarify at this moment, yea I want him to stop the pain but giving myself a month I know the pain should diminish. I will focus on trying to better me and I hope to change

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  • I'm sorry girl but move on... please value yourself to be someone's first choice and not someone's available option. You are very pretty please take heed

    • I know he even said that... I'm in the denial stage. I'm so sad.. I don't give up easily. When I think things work usually happen. But I screwed up...

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