What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

The most embarissing moment of my life. Me and my classmate were having romance in TV longue and thought we are alone. After some time we noticed that our maid was watching us. GOD that was so embarissing for me.


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  • *if you're an insecure girl please take a minute to read this*
    Guys calling me "man-girl" from middle school and high school. I was taller. One day a boy looked at my hands and said I had man hands. And all his friends were the popular guys and they all called me man-girl after that. Then in high school we all went to the same school and someone remembered it and brought it up again. Then, it was less mean but still something they'd use in derogatory manner. I'm almost 30 and still want to cry when I remember how alienated and ugly I felt. It was hard enough being taller than all the boys, but then to be called a man because of my size was unbearable. I never had bfs. I remember crying thinking I'd never have a prom date. I did date a the "new guy" my senior year and that shut them all up. Plus I gained a little weight from eating my feelings so I had bigger boobs than most girls.

    After graduation, Facebook really took off and all of those guys added me and were like "wow you're hot" "can't believe I made fun of you" *eyeroll* I still get old classmates telling me similar things. All I can think of is how I've always been myself. Sweet, shy, insecure--yet still nice to those mean people. When they didn't deserve any of it. They missed out on an amazing person. I found my match later on in life and all those popular kids have turned out to be losers. They peaked in hs and had no other aspirations besides marrying their hs sweetheart. They weren't worried about academics and getting into a college. They were preoccupied with drugs and sex and drama.

    Now they live in near poverty and I've got a degree and a beautiful family. Their kids are being raised in divorced or broken homes and some of them are on their second marriage.

    Focus on your self. Keep your heart and conscious clear. Focus on school and go to college and meet a good partner that sees you for all you are (after you've perfected makeup and hair and dressing yourself lol). Prepare yourself for 25 year old you. You will be attractive. And the best part is the best type of man will be attracted to you. Not some dumb ass class clown with a 1.5 GPA.


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  • When me my girlfriend start foreplay her phone 📱 rings next was his mom and asked her to come immediately at home. She left immediately it happened yesterday


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  • Lol.., I fell at drainage while walking. we watched movie at that time at my aunt's house and it's late night already. I'm so sleepy at that time when we go home while walking with my sister, I fell at drainage but she didn't found that I fell but I'm still sleeping Lol. It's not too deep. when she was home they asked where I am. they found I'm there at drainage.. Lol.. I'm 6 years old at that time.

  • i think last week i accidentally hit ( touched) my crushes dick

  • My whole existence

  • When my boyfriend's mom walked in on us having sex.


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  • Having a good portion of my class find out I'm a virgin.


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