I want to break up with him but im not sure how?

So... I have been dating this guy for about 8.5 months. And at first, everything was good and we flowed pretty well together. Then i moved in with him.. I slowly began to see some anger issues.( Example 1: i was having a panic attack (crying, hyperventalating, shaking) and he yelled at me the WHOLE time... didn't even show any remorse that he had cause me to cry, just kept yelling at me.) (Example 2: he has asked me to wake him up for something several times but when i do, he gets very angry and yells at me for it. He even called me an asshole several times for it.) so. He has hardly spoken to me for the past week or so. He recently went to a class in portland and told me that when he got back to Greensboro NC (i live in his moms rental house in asheville NC, 2.5 to 3 hour drive) he told me he would come to visit. The class in portland was a 2 week class. I have not seen him in person for almost a month. He kept saying he would come see me but he hasn't and now is the day that he has to go to another class. Also, on fathers day, (i was in greensboro with him and he had promised that i would make it back to asheville to visit my dad for fathers day..) he procrastinated the whole day. So i didn't get to see my dad until 2 days later. I was furious because 1. My dad is the only person i have in my family. 2. He promised that i would be able to see my dad ON FATHERS DAY. So. At this point im just really done. i recently (because i was bored) went onto a app called "whisper". Met a really awesome guy who has (unintentionally) opened my eyes to what a jerk my current "boyfriend" is. So this guy has told me that i can come stay with him. I am NOT a cheater. I DID NOT expect to meet this guy. But this guy is an amazing person and im really just ready to move on from my so called "boyfriend". Im just done. Any advice on how i break up with him?


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  • Be honest. That's the only thing you can do. If you don't feel safe, make sure a friend/your dad is nearby or there.


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