What are reasons an ex keep texting you?

My ex broke up with me over a month ago after what I thought was a great relationship. I decided to remain calm and cut off contact with him instead of get angry. After a week he was liking my posts on social media and telling me he's sorry, another week went by and he was telling me he wants me back, he misses me, he doesn't want to be without me, he wants us to work out. After a month I gave him another chance and he didn't even try to the point I broke up with him only four days later.

A week has passed and he has contacted me again, claiming I've been talking about him because people are approaching him in town, which he knows isn't true (he's a compulsive liar) before apologising and telling me he's sorry for how he acted when we last spoke, it was the anniversary of a family death and he wanted to be left alone and he should have told me. Before the conversation ended again.

I would have gotten back with this guy if he made a genuine effort but he's not, he's just making excuses to talk to me? What could the reason be?


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  • Well hats off to you.
    The moment i get an text from my ex. She won't even get a read message out of me.

    We brome up for a reason 90% getting back together is a bad idea.


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