Lets end this. Who would win in a fight, Batman or The flash?

I am aware of the issue of JLA #50 where the flash gets shot in the back of the head by a BULLET (and by the way batman would have died) ANd the flash survived. But if you think for a second that the flash has a greater likelyhood of getting shot by a bullet than batman, you are retarded.

Now that THATS out of the way...

BATMAN FANS PISS ME OFF. I like him and all, I like the first batman movie and the last one.. and that's it. But batman fans have completely ruined him for me.

Here are some problems with batman.

1. He has problems beating up a CLOWN.

2. Everyone thinks he will beat anyone with enough research and creates somekind of device to beat the other guy.

Then Batman should just have a an ANYTHING device, just create a WIN button and press it.

3. I have an anti batman device. Its called shooting him in the god damn face.

4. Batman is f***ing STUPID. if he's so f***ing smart, why is his main costume exposed at the HEAD. At least tony stark has the common sense to protect his whole body. What a moron.

5. NO batman is not "realistic" either. He's a human who happens to fight villains with GUNS.. and somehow he manages to not get shot in the face by a stray bullet? and he's HUMAN btw.

Yeah that's TOTALLY realistic too.

"Batman would win if given enough time”

You guys are f***ing retarded.

Batman is fighting a guy who is the “fastest man alive” What in the world would give you the f***ing idea that he would have enough “time”.

Were talking about a man who can travel through time and f***ing murder the man who killed batmans parents and make it to where the douchebag never became batman at all.

And if you really want to get ridiculous, batman could then create a time travel device to make sure the flash doesn't do that. Batman could travel through time by creating a device where he makes sure that the flash never gets his powers.

But then how do you decide who wins?

You do it because its a god damn RACE. whoever travels through time the FASTEST wins.

And if you think for a second that batman would win in a F***ING RACE against the FLASH, you are f***ing stupid as sh*t.

now go and f*** yourselves.


Most Helpful Guy

  • My oldest daughter would beat the crap out of both of them, while making dinner, then send them both to bed WITHOUT dinner.

    I if have to pick I would say Batman, but only because he had the better writers.

    If the writers were locked in a deep dark hole in the ground, Flash hands down. You can't hit what you can't see or catch.

    Flash would strip him down then send pictures of his tiny digit to Clark Kent for global publication.

    • Batman would win only because people who write for him make him win? that's dumb.

      You are probably right since there are more fans of batman than the flash. So they get the better writers, and thus he gets to beat up guys who are way more powerful in every single way imagineable.

      Its stupid, and I'm definately going to complain about it when batman pulls out an "easy button" every time he fights anyone.

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What Girls Said 2

  • My mom would, actually.

    • I should have said that women are not allowed to answer this since women hate comics.

    • I don't have anything against comics, and they're actually pretty interesting :) And there are A LOT of women who love comics.

      And by the way, why are you so butt hurt about Batman. You obviously want people to choose the Flash so what's the point of posting this? lol

    • Because I hate batman, like I said. People are stupid and there's no f***ing way that batman would beat him. LIke I said at the beginning of the title "lets end this" its the best argument against the dark night and its and unbeatable one. At least logically speaking.

  • The Flash, no doubt about that.


What Guys Said 4

  • The flash could phase through batmans heart before he could blink. But th flash would never kill anyone.

  • Batman is cooler, but unless he bought some sort of anti Flash gun or something the Flash would win.

  • What are you, 12?

    • Do me a favor and p*ss off. What a rude asshole.

      Have some common sense, only trolls just go on forums and insult.

      With your picture you look old enough to know better.

  • The flash. No question.

    • Exactly. How "super" is a hero, who can be defeated by a series of really bad paper cutts.

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