Husband telling ex he Loves her?

Ok. On one occasion I guess he talking to his ex/Baby momma while he was out, but he came home drunk. And long story short, messages popped up on he phone. One of them said calm down I still got love for you. WOW. Now it's been moments text wise she has told him he hurt her feelings on more than one occasion, but yesterday he was texting her about the kids then he told her love y'all and I will get y'all internet tomorrow. Also mind you he doesn't work I pay on his child support sometime which I think is the stupidest thing I can do as a human being😒anyway I went off last night I reached a breaking point and it hurt so bad. Am I crazy or wrong. And what does that mean if he keeps saying that?


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  • I mean, its not wrong do still love and care about the person you share a child with.

    But damn would I be pissed to be paying someone else's child support. How is that even possible? The American legal system is effin weird

    • Smdh.. that's what I'm saying, I don't like being put out of tune with myself, I'm starting not to even feel like me, and with that said something has to give.

    • Giiiiiirl you gotta take care of yourself first. Its not fair for you to work yourself while he doesn't put in the same amount

  • Not only he's cheating on you but he doesn't work either. Oh wow :) he's not for you baby

    • Thanks. I cried all night, my eyes are half shut and I feel sick to my stomach.
      So you are saying that would be a red flag for cheating? Or he still may want to be with her? Because I don't compete with anyone. I am the competition. I know damn well you can't change nobody they have to want to themselves and with that said I definitely can't control nobody feelings and I don't need the headache.. smdh😒
      But as a man if you were being faithful, and actually moved on, you are saying that he wouldn't say those things right? I'm sorry for keep trying to get clarification, but you know women sometime think it's some underlying stuff when men are straight forward and what they say is what they meant and there is no underlying. I was thinking about stepping back, but how do I if we are married 🤔 I feel unsure now, worried, and feel like I'm allowing someone to take my star player (myself) away. I don't know. I'm too smart for this shit, but the heart can be treacherous 😫😓

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