I deleted all of my social media except snapchat. I deleted my ex off snapchat, but made my snaps viewable to everyone. Why is he constantly looking?

My ex of 2 years broke up with me recently. We have been talking about marriage for awhile, looking at rings, etc. He said he wants to "talk to other people." He broke up with me, met a girl on tinder, and fucked her all within a month. Then cried and said he regretted it and "something is wrong with him and he wishes he could take it all back." He cried and blubbered for hours and said he "didn't want to lose me, but he doesn't know what he wants." He also has no plans for after college and doesn't know wtf he's doing with his life. This is the third time he's broken down crying, said he doesn't want to lose me and I'm "perfect and amazing", and then broken up with me for this reason. Why does he keep checking my snaps? Wtf is he even thinking?


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  • I wouldn't look to much into it, must be a coincidence

    • I would think that too, but it's every single one of my snapchats, literally within like an hour or less of my posting it. I just don't get it: if as a guy, you are DONE with a girl, don't you give her all her shit back and say goodbye? He still has my damn key and two pairs of my shoes. And is constantly checking my shit.

    • Sometimes you just have to roll with it, or roll over it, and keep rolling till you reach the top of the ladder and parachute your way down to victory

  • Okay so you have these worries which are completly un-needed. I mean you broke up with him so you ignore him, he's in the past and still in the past so wtf you keep your mind busy with such crap? Just tell me do you wear your dirty clothes back after you take a shower?

    • Well actually, he dumped me :/

    • And? shit happens in life, and that is an extra reason why you should NOT care at all. See him as a dead man. No more in this world. It's not right to wear dirty clothes after having a shower.

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