Being rejected more than once? Does this happen also to others?

Let me tell you something... I am chubby and not that gorgeous... In my opinion it is normal to be rejected (it happens to every single human in this world) but I did not like it how the guys reacted... Once I was confessing to a friend of mine and his response was: 'You are disgusting' (this situation happened in middle school). During high school I had a crush on a guy and with all my courage I asked if he wanted to go out with me and his response was very rude. He said: 'Are you kidding? Someone like you asking me to go out with me? Hahahahahahahahahah'
Ok probably I know guys (most of them) prefer cute girls with all curves in the right place but at least they could answer with a polite way.
Now I 22 yo I cannot approach a guy or I totally don't give a chance to guys to know me for the person who really I am cause I'm afraid to be hurt again. In addition, I am shy person when it comes to be alone with a guy.
I got rejected more than twice but these two are the most impressed in my mind.
Have you ever gotten in this situation?


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  • Fuck these superficial fuckers u r beautiful its just their ugly eyes that judges pple and be rude who the fuck r they to be rude anyway just be happy these dicks r out of ur way so the one who is really worth being a men can step in don't just doubt urself let pple in and if they reject its not u its their ugly eyes


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  • Sorry to hear that. Guys can be assholes, but also, at that age its sort of normal for them to react so immaturely. I think you should keep trying. You're right, rejection happens, the problem is when you let it get in the way

    • The problem I cannot trust them anymore. I do not know how to fight this fear I have.

    • I know it can be pretty scary. But I think it would be better to approach more like a friendship thing, rather than juat asking one out. Chances are good you'll get a positive response, and at the same time gauge that guy to see whether you can go ahead and be completely open, or you can back away.

  • Beauty is in the way you smile... in the things you say... in the deeds that you do. To judge a person solely on looks is a shallow existence drawing only those who share that view...

  • Sorry to hear that,
    I hardly get rejected


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