I can't understand this dream?

i usually google my dreams but this one's weird. i dreamt it was my ex's wedding day and i ran there all the way to stop him from getting married. so he immediately walked towards me and said thank goodness and kissed me and asked me to marry him instead. i was happy. is therr any dream experts out there?


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  • Yes, this means that your ex is gonna die soon. To prevent this you have to go to him and whisper in his ears "wubba lubba dub dub" if he gets it then he might be saved if he doesn't then you will have only one option to save him. that can be done by making love to him.

    • lmao id loveee that

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    • lol mabe i should

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  • Sounds like you still have feelings for him. it was just a dream about what's probably on your mind

  • Nope but i think its time you let him go


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