Do I have a chance?

Me and this girl have been dating for a little over a month, and before that we were "friends" for 2 years. Yet not very close friends. We would probably talk 3 sentences awkwardly every week. But yesterday she broke up with me, and here are a few quotes from the message she sent "I thought I really liked you, but I think I just liked the fact of us being together" "I think I need to just be single right now, and make my way through the start of highschool with my friends" "I feel like what we are just super close friends" but as I stated earlier, we have never been really close friends. And I'm wondering if there is any way possible I can get her to like me again, get a second chance with her


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  • I think this girl is not ready for a relationship. She is just beginning highschool and maybe she's not comfortable with being with anyone at this time. She has her grades to worry about, her future, extra curricular activities, etc. It's a grand opportunity to make yourself known and discover who you are as a person, and who you want to be.
    That being said, I think she was trying to let you down easy and in the nicest way possible. She probably does care about you, but she wants to focus on herself right now, and you must respect that. You have an opportunity to work on yourself too, and get out there seeking new people if you are ready to take that step.

    I woldn't get too upset about this, you said yourself you two were hardly friends as you never really spoke much before you dated one another. Maybe she didn't feel things clicked with you, and maybe its best for you both to find better suited people to yourselves.
    If you really want her around, ask her to stay in your life as a friend. Perhaps over time feelings may change once she grows. Let her know you're there for her as a friend, let her know you're there whenever she needs you, and maybe offer to do things with her to keep connection, like day trips or friend nights (see a movie once in a while, go to one of her fav, cocerts, etc) but also give her space she needs too.
    I wouldn't count solely on her developping feelings for you down the road though. You need to think of yourself too, and if you will be happy waiting for this girl to possibly grow feelings for you someday, and you must realize its NOT gauranteed to happen. Its a huge risk you're taking. So think it clearly and decide what is best for YOU. If you really want that second chance, maybe take this time to work on yourself and gain a better focus of things you can improve, or want to change about yourself. And most importantly, do keep focus on your own happiness too.
    I hope everything works out for you. Best wishes


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