Guys, What do you think guys please?

The relationship was going well one day he called me to say that he wants to break up and i should move on with my life i know that he had a lot of problems this period of his life but its was though for me after 8 months of break up he called me to say that he regret his decision he offered me a job and even his appartement so I won't rent... what do you think


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  • If he's anything like me, then I think he just prefers to handle his shit on his own, rather than dragging anyone he cares about into it along with him. One of the reasons for this is to have one less thing to worry about and to be able to focus on the problems at hand better.

    I would like also clarify on the above, that it doesn't mean that his relationship with you is trivial. In fact the opposite is true, he cares and respects you too much to drag you into a possible shit storm, that may or may not be resolved in the end.

    It might sound odd, but some prefer to handle their problems on their own, for a number of reasons.

    From the looks of it, he may have reached a better place in life and would like to include you in it. You could give it another shot.

    • Yes he said that he doesn't want to make me suffer that period he was so hurt i knew that from his voice the day of the break up now he changed his job his appartement and he settled down he reached me

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    • Yes that true

    • We could be twins!!

      But it looks like he genuinely cares for you and would like to have you back in his life, now that he's on the road to recovery from his issues. Your call.

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  • He might have got into someone else and being kicked
    Now he wants you back again and may be let you the same after some point of time that he doesn't need you Any more

    • He wasn't into anyone he had a lot of serious problems and he told me that he doesn't want me to make me suffer with him... and i'm sure of that

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    • If you can let it here then dm me so that I would give u better suggestions
      As the suggestion till now where irrespective of the problem

    • Okay thank you so much

  • He found someone else then that soured so now he's wanting you back. If you go back you're the most stupid woman on the planet

    • He had a lot of problems that period and even we weren't together he always tried to stay in my life from the day one of the break up...

    • Successful couples don't breakup when the going gets tough. They turn to each other for strength. Don't you think about these things?

    • Yes you are right

  • Well this relationship don't looks fine for a long time


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