GUYS, have you (or would you) leave an unhappy marriage for another woman?

I'm not talking about having an affair and leaving your wife for a mistress. I'm talking about maybe a female friend or associate (that your wife doesn't know) that you grew to like romantically. Would you mind sharing your story? Did the new relationship work?


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  • I would have but never did. I spent more than 30 years with an abusive wife and stayed to protect my children. For the longest time, I would have left if I could have gotten emotional support from someone else. Most of the time, I couldn't have faced being all alone.

    She eventually forced the issue because she did such a good job putting herself between me and my kids, I could never get them calm with her around.

    Moved out first of the year. It took 6 months but I finally feel good about everything.


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  • I wouldn't get into an unhappy marriage to begin with

  • Yes I would! If my wife & me aren't happy after we have tried, then I will for sure.

  • I would leave an unhappy marriage for another woman that makes me happy


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