About to break up with my son's mother. Need advise, perspective, exp something?

Alright so my girlfriend's (35yo) friend rented her basement to us in February of 2016. Since then we've transitioned into the attic. Now when we moved out of the basement my cousin who I referred was moving in. Now when my cousin was negotiating with my girl's friend about the amount I made a suggestion to get everyone to satisfaction. I would simply take $100 more on my rent to compensate for my cousin's (if she needed it). Now before I said this to anyone I consulted with my girl first. When I did she became hysterical and saying that I was "giving her money" and "paying another woman's bills". She then went on to tell my mother about our discussion and my mother took it further. Between my mother and girlfriend they were telling me her (my cousin) problems are not my problems and that if she can't pay the rent I'm going to pay it for her when she asks me. Don't know where they got any of this from but yes continuing. There was a lot of arguing that followed with this and she really started cross a few lines with me (cursing me out in the middle of the street with my son in the car with her) so I broke it off and we got back together but I don't think she's learned a thing after saying she was hurt from the breakup. Now after about 3 months of my cousin living in the basement they've picked at her about the smallest things like tv volumes and using an air-conditioning in 90 degree wheather. And to this day my cousin has been a great tenant and now my girl's friend has fallen on hard times and suddenly it's okay for me to "pay another women's bills" when it's her friend.
Would anyone end it for hypocrisy and inconsideration?


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  • If you're going to break up every time a woman is illogical...


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