He was on the phone with me while cheating

Me and my now ex-boyfriend were apart for work for a week when he returns I find a text from his ex who is one of his "best friends" I kept asking if he cheated he swore on EVERYTHING then after screaming enough more and more truth comes out and the sick thing was I was on the phone with him. But he said they didn't have sex and he wants me back what should I do? He has treated me like a queen!?!?!?


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  • You may not like to hear this and you probably don't. there is one universal and all encompassing reason why people cheat. Men and women both.

    Its because he thought the risk of cheating or losing you was worth it.

    Which means by default he thinks less of you. He values you less as a partner.

    Then my obvious question always is.. what do you think you did to deserve him/her cheating on you?

    Also, men will usually stick with a woman and cheat on them instead of just leaving because they want their cake and eat it too, if they dump you, there is a great possibility (in a mans eyes) that he may not ever get a girlfriend ever again. She becomes his safety net, or fallback girl.

    So in these cases, its not like he doesn't like the girl, its just that he values her less.

    The idea of cheating and not getting caught or cheating altogether was greater than you.

    • And by the way its probably your personality that's lacking, because if that's you its certainly not your looks.

      So at least you have that going for you.

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  • It depends on how desperate you are and how commited you are too him. Normally, I would recommend that you move on since he did do something with his ex. If he was drunk, give him a pass because alcohol is a naughty poison.

  • He lied to you, cheated on you, why would you want to be with a f***er like that!

  • If a guy is still friends with an ex he isn't not over her and he is either hooking up with her or he might be thinking of going back to her...


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