Is it possible to get the girl back if she dumps you?

I dated this girl for 2 months and she broke up with me because I stressed too much about the future. I learned how to not stress about and resolved the issue. She was different from any girl I have ever met and her being there brought a smile to my face every time I woke up. It's been over a month and I don't if it's possible to even consider being an us because of how long we haven't talked.


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  • What specifically did you stress about? And if you changed that for her and he left you anyways then you shouldn't try if she's going leave you so easily.

  • Have you talked to her since you broke up?

    • Well we had a huge argument and after that we were both hurt and I apologized the day after and told her she was right. A week later I messaged her to see if we could be friends but she said she wasn't ready and said we aren't compatible but that was only because I stressed too much about the future

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    • I told her when she was ready to message me back and she never messaged me back since. I don't want to keep pushing her and I don't think I she has a boyfriend

    • I think you did what you could do at this point. You apologized to her and told her you're open to being friends. Now you need to go out and live your life and have fun. Maybe in a couple weeks you can try to message her again, or do something small and like her post on Facebook or IG. Maybe post a cute comment or something and see how she responds to that. If she ignores it, don't try to reach out again. If she replies and it seems good, try messaging her and asking her how she's been.

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