She always comfortable with me , but one day she broke up?

Because she argued with my friend and asked me who is right... And I leave silently... that was hard time in my life ( some personal matter )... I wasn't prepared for breakup and, she also knows it... but she broke up. Now how do I make her friend again, not girl friend... and let her propose me , then I reject her. How to do it.


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  • Move on.. you don't need to lower your ego. She must understand the simple situation before she acted like that. Maybe it's not easy for her to be friends again knowing that she is the one who first broke up your relationship without valid reason. she's still immature..
    Move on..:)

    • Actually argument isn't reason... She knew about my compulsion... Still she leaves me all alone...

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    • Even she realized... She couldn't be my friend as she knows what she done with me... I deserve someone much better, not like her.

    • Yeah.. you deserve for better..:)

What Guys Said 2

  • Seriously? She broke up with you because you didn't even try to handle their argument diplomatically. That's on you, personal shit or no. And now you want to double down on being a dick? Move on. Find someone else who actually gets along with your friends.

    • Hmm... I really appreciate your honest reply.
      Now I admit my mistakes... improve myself... turn spark into wildfire and will not let this fire extinguish.

    • I already showed my honesty towards by broken my friendship with my friends who fought with her

  • Why would you want to do that?

    • To destroy her ego

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    • Punishing her will not bring any blessings upon yourself.

    • Yeah sir... You are right. I deserve some one better... Let her love herself... God bless here...
      We should have pity on them

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