Religion and dating?


My girlfriend is breaking up with me due to us having different religions ( ie christian and non christian.) I am puzzled as to how should I react to it, on one hand I know she must be going through a lot handling the relationship outside of her belief but on the other hand I just cannot get over or accept the reasons as to why the relationship gotta end.


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  • My advice is to see it as you've dodged a bullet. The way I see it is that she has chosen a relationship with her Imaginary friend over you. How many other things would she chose over you.

    It sucks that it's come to this, but she obviously is the the one for you

  • Because 2 people cannot raise kids properly on solid morals if they themselves are not on the same page about their moral foundation.

    • Not to be offensive or anything, but why wouldn't a kid not be raised just because of different morals? It is an assumption that one religion's morals are more superior than the other. Besides, if my morals weren't in check in the FIRST place, she wouldn't have decided to be together with me. On top of that, different morals doesn't equate to morals that are questionable or wrong. Lastly, dont mind if i ask, what/how different can religious morals be? From what I know all religions are peaceful and loving and it spurs a person to be better, kinder and more upright. Being of a different faith, does not make me any less. Sorry, if i sound way too defensive but i just can't get over how being Different should be a basis or grounds for break up, like aren't we all different in one way or another? Thanks for the reply

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    • At this point in the night, TLDR. But I address these points in other opinions, take a look it you are curious.

    • Will do, thank you for your inputs!

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