First breakup how do I deal with it?

how do you deal with breakups? I just got dumped today it was a four year realtionship and I'm obviously hurt. this was my first serouis realtionship as well as first real love. what can I do to keep my mind going. I'm trying to sleep but I just started crying. I've been crying a day now.


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  • First of all I'm sorry you're going through this hard time in your life and I know and hope you will feel better soon. Think of it as a blessing you wouldn't want to waste any more years on him if he stayed with you and was unhappy. Think of it as a lesson. A lesson how to improve future relationships and what you want in one. Think of it as a blessing. You spent 4 years with someone and had company for the laughs and tears and life events and you didn't have to spend those alone so even though you won't share more memories with him you can appreciate the ones you did. And move on to sharing memories with someone new

    • Thankyou your right, it wasn't a perfect relationship but I guess all I can do is pick up the pieces and keep moving. it was a blessing I just don't know how to be happy on my own. and I don't really have much freinds either.

    • Sometimes we forget to make friends outside our partner because our partner IS our friend. But it's important to make friends just for you

    • your right thankyou I'm going to try to meet new people

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  • Damn, yeah 4 years is hard. Just try to embrace a new you. Focus on yourself, watch some movies, listen to music, go for a walk, go out and see places, spend time with friends etc etc. I'd be stupid if I said it will be easy, however you will get through it.

    • Thankyou I'm going to just try some of those things and be strong.

  • Grieving can be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride... My best advice is to allow yourself to feel your emotions and discuss them openly with someone who can empathize with you.

    You're going to start on a low as you slowly come to terms with what life without him will entail.

    Then you will be full of emotion and have some anger at yourself, him or the world in general that you will need to let out.

    After that, comes the stage where you try and see what went wrong and try to understand why it can't work out.

    This is followed by a low period of sadness where you can slowly start picking up the pieces and start accepting what has happened.

    Just remember what makes you unique and awesome and remember that someone out there is going to be very happy to spend their lives with you :)

    • how do I let the anger out

    • I'd try and turn it into something positive... I'm not saying for sure that you will be angry, but if you do get that feeling, try and do something or think things about yourself that make you feel better.

      For example, when I broke up with my first ex, I realized how in touch with my emotions I was and it allowed me to realize how much she was missing. I then tried to improve myself by learning new skills and challenging myself to do better.

      You might want to try a new hairstyle or learn a new instrument. Just find a way to take something positive from what you learned :)

  • Bang his friends? Or some other hot guy and you'll forget all about him!

  • Why won't it let me send you a message


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