Should I message my ex after he told me not to talk to him?

My Ex messaged me a week ago asking me, "what's good?" And I responded with "?" "Why are you messaging me?" Because I was super confused.. We broke up in February and tried being friends for a month until he started ghosting me... When I messaged him about talking about us, he told me "stop wasting your time... Move on.. Get over it." Which I didn't try messaging him since. I know I should of deleted or blocked his number but I felt it would be petty of me. Cause I told myself "maybe he'll message me one day... or we'll be okay again one day.." Never expected him to actually do it..

If he didn't want to talk to me at all, why would he still have my number? Let alone, not block me? I have him blocked on social media cause I tried keeping him on there, but it got too painful to look at his stuff in my feed...

I feel really bad about telling him "why are you messaging me?" After months of not talking, cause it sounded like he was just curious to know how I've been... I'm not really interested in dating him, but I will say that I do miss being around him.. I miss him as my friend cause we got along and connected so much better that way than as a couple...

I don't want him to get the idea that I still have feelings for him, (I mean I still care about him, just not romantically..) I just want to let him know that I still care about him and hope he's okay.. Just afraid he might not respond to me after what I said..
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  • If he told you not to talk to him, I would err on the side of not talking to him.

    Guys don't block their exes on their phones because that's honestly super petty... I mean who cares honestly. They probably clear their phones of any conversations and might delete the number though.

    He likely messaged you because he was looking for a quick lay. Ex girlfriends are the easiest lay possible, especially if they are past the "angry" stage but still in the "emotional" stage.

    • I get the not blocking part, but wouldn't he have already deleted my number?

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    • I am definitely not easy like that then. lol 😂 I just didn't understand what you meant at first.

    • Fair enough. Best of luck to you

Most Helpful Girl

  • You both have to be able to be *just friends* if you're going to have contact again. Usually it goes 4 - 6 months of no contact before you reconnect to be able to get the other person out of your system and vica versa. Best to briefly answer any text he sends in a neutral way, but you'll be *extremely* lucky if he can see you as just a friend. It happens, but rarely.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Honestly you should essentially do whatever makes you happy and view it as just that. If you have the space to interact with him in a way that makes you comfortable then go for it. Once he makes it difficult for you or if you feel yourself getting to caught up then abort

  • He had his chance and look how he used it. Of course you can respond to him sice it's your life and your choices, but I wouldn't.

    • I mean, he never responded to me when I asked him... Which confused me a little...

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    • Because I don't want to do myself a disservice and part of me really wants to, while part of me is like "if he wants to message me, he can! Hmmphhb!"

    • Then you need to make peace with yourself. Either way you choose, there will always be a moment when you will regret NOT choosing the other option. Because that's in human nature itself.

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't ever do it


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