Nonchalant divorce?

At the moment my wife of 5 years (been together for nearly 10) and I are about to start our divorce... We both don't have anything against each other, I'm fine with giving her most everything because I'm kinda just going to leave and don't need extra stuff... Neither of us have cried or felt sad about getting divorced. Is this normal? Is there something in a divorce that's going to make me not want to see her again or is this just it? I feel weird for having these "nonchalant divorce" feelings but I hope we're still in each others lives somehow like just friends/Netflix homies/or something.

My question is: Is this normal or am I just weird?


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  • Divorce doesn't have to be such a messy, angry process. It sounds like you two are respectful of each other and for one reason or another just outgrew the relationship. If you are both on the same page, there is nothing weird about remaining friends after the divorce. Wish you both the best. :)

    • Thank you, didn't really know anyone with a good breakup or divorce

    • You're very welcome. You must be one of the lucky ones then I guess. Sometimes the sparks just aren't there anymore, and you realize you won't be happy with that person. It doesn't have to have a nasty ending where you hate the other person, some break ups are just mellow and ambivalent.

    • Thank you, you have been very kind. Your advice is very uplifting

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  • That's the way it goes sometimes. You don't have to dislike someone to decide that you are better off not being together. I'm sorry your marriage isn't working out. Good luck to both of you.

    • Thank you, its cool, we'll probably be friends afterwards

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  • Sounds like a mature, amicable split. I'm sure you can make friendship work, if you're both willing. I wish you all the best with this. And yes, it is weird, but it's also wonderful!


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  • Sometimes a marriage ends amiably and no fuss because people drift apart but still respect one another. Divorce doesn't have to end with a bang, it can just fizzle out.

    • Thank you, that's what I was looking for

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