Curious about ex when you have a girlfriend?

Ex and I broke up 4 years ago. We were together 6+ years. After he left me I cut all contact (social media included). Recently I ran into him at a mutal friend's event. Its been years since we'd seen each other or spoken. The next day I got a friend request...

I still have feelings for him so it baffles me why he would want to reconnect after so long? For me it is easier not knowing about his life and ignoring what happened rather than constantly being reminded of his existence on social media. He has a girlfriend of 3 years and surely she would not be ok with it either. So my question is why?


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  • Maybe he is over you and now he wants to be your friend.

  • 4 years is a long time and doesn't necessarily mean he's interested in you romantically anymore.
    Maybe he just feels enough time has now passed that you can be civil again and be connected on social media without it being weird. I mean, you were together a long time so you have history but it seems like enough time may have passed that you can now be on friendlier terms.


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