How'd he just cut me off Like that?

I've been in a long distance relationship for over a year. I met my boyfriend while on a business trip we hit it off and started communicating regularly. after a while we decided to take it to the next level and he came for a visit. I have my own home but he got a hotel and everything was perfect be talk and text everyday and all was perfect. We both wanted badly to be in a relationship and was very open about past relationships issues. He said he wanted to make this work so he came to see me every six weeks. And planned to move here once his son graduated high school. My boyfriend would always come here because he was from a rule town in update NY and I live in sunny Florida. I'm very close to my family and they loved seeing how happy I was and how gentle he was with me. he even fell in love with my special needs son. recently we started having a problems because I felt he knew everyone on my end and I never met anyone he was close to. He said it wasn't a big deal because he wasn't close to his fam. Recently he booked a trip to Canada and it was a bad trip we argued for the first time & spent about 40% of the trip arguing. When I left we hugged it out said we know everytrip won't be perfect and saiid our I love u's and went back to normal. About 2 weeks later I got upset because we were FaceTime and his nephew asked if I was his girlfriend and he didn't answer he said not a big deal but I blew up and we argued again. That was 3 weeks ago and I haven heard from him. I called him about 3 times no answer I text him that we need to talk nothing I asked him if it was over nothing! This is so sad for me because this man was a huge part of my life for over a year we talke everyday several times for over a year the last few weeks we had together were rocky for sure but all the times before that was perfect. How did he just walk away like that? He didn't even breakup or respond to me at all. Why would someone do that!


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  • This is very difficult to determine.

    The situation is extremely tricky. The fact that he hesitated to call you his girlfriend loud and clear is the worst part of the scenario that somehow justifies that he was unsure about his feelings and the final decision he wanted to make. You mentioned; both of you were pretty open about your past relationship issues. So that indicates; there has been issues in his relationship as well very clearly. So connecting these spots can possibly prove that he suffered from certain issues in his past relationships that made him unstable regarding his decisions and emotions toward you. I can guess that he really did liked you, he tried to make it work, he wanted to overcome his issues but apparently he was constantly in doubt and finally he could't take it. That's just one theory according to the available evidence and possible connections.

    Furthermore, maybe his issues and this line of behavior would be related to his family. You mentioned you never met them and he was more on your side, he is the one who traveled there with you, he is the one who's been around your side of family the most. And not vise versa. So maybe there was something wrong related to his family who made him to back off. Anything is possible.

    Moreover, there is also a possibility that he did not moved away. Maybe something happened and he is struggling with a certain issue and trying to overcome it. This is why it's so hard to determine the situation. Because anything can be possible. But of course you don't deserve to go through this whatsoever anyway.

    Additionally, this was your very right to become mad when he couldn't even introduce you and recognize you as his girlfriend after spending an accountable time together. So whatever the case is, this was his issue and a wrong move that he have made. So he should've apologized and address the case. However, hopefully everything ends up more positively. But i would suggest that you don't spend your emotions through an unknown. Continue living your life happily and try to move on from this.

    Good Luck.

    • Thank you for that. It's so hard to have no closure. His mom is an alcoholic and he dad has past on. He is very different from his family. Very close to his son. He told me upfront he didn't like to argue at all. He definitely tried as did I. But we didn't make it. I just would of like to have had a last convo, why end it on an argument why not just talk or even reply to my text? What mad me feel even worse is I live in Florida and I'm sure u heard about hurricane Irma he didn't even call to check and see how I was doing. My son is special needs and ask for him all the time. Just don't know how he could emotionally disconnect so easily

  • He found someone else

  • His lost his lost


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