Break up advice, depression?

I am a college student going through my first real breakup. Tom* and I started a friendship and grew close quickly as friends when we met. I shared with him I was struggling in some aspects with college. I told him that I wasn't sure what I wanted, but he told me he would always be there. We developed a relationship and began dating. He began to seem controlling to me and wanted to spend all of his time with me. He wanted to move in together when I was going to study abroad, and he never mentioned his support for big change of studying abroad. Not that he had to, but he didn't like the idea. Apparently he was on dating websites when dating.
I broke up with him and studied abroad. When I returned, he snapchatted me when he was drunk. I didn't reply, and soon saw him at a bar. He drunkely kissed me and I asked if we could talk the next day. No response. I knew I missed our friendship, so I tried to do things with him again. I would ask if he'd like to go out to eat. Do things, but the times he would answer me were the times he wanted me to come over and sleep with him. I told him it didn't feel like friendship.
I started to get very angry with him, and I asked if he wanted me to be more to him. He said we were over, but he wanted to be "friends" I cried because it felt like he was using me. I came to his house and got really angry and upset. I caused a scene.
He was also my manager at work, and it hurt that he didn't care. I told him to block me from every social media website, and he told me not to talk to him ever again.
Because I can't communicate with him, I left him a letter by his door. Is this creepy? I explained to him the issues I was having in college and that maybe I wasn't the best girlfriend. I told him I hoped we could meet again and sorry for getting angry. what are your honest opinions on this relationship? I have tried to move on, but I've had zero luck. I'm extremely sad. Please give me insight and advice that is much needed.
Break up advice, depression?
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