How'd you know if leaving him is better?

Been with this guy a while now, but there's a lot of baggage that comes with him! I'm not unhappy In he relationship. But Im not sure if we should be together anymore!
Has anyone got any advice on this please? As I haven't really Been in the situation like this before!


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  • What are you looking for in a relationship? Better still, what qualities are you looking for in a guy? Maybe you should write them down and prioritize them. Then write down the things that are absolute "deal breakers".

    Be honest with any guy you date WHY you may be dating them. If all you're looking for is a friend, make it clear you're not going any further than that.

    When you date someone, figure out whether those qualities you desire are there in any guy you're with. If you don't see his personality, character, and qualities meeting much of your desires, then don't waste his or your time. Stop dating him and let him know within 2-3 dates.


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  • Just leave, if your needs aren't being met... are you meeting his?


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  • Well simply take a break from relationship and try to know more about each other be sure


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  • What makes you unsure of being this relationship?

    • No matter what if she's not happy she should continue with him. He s not doing his job right to make her happy

    • She should not*

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