My ex told me she's still in love with me...

I got drunk and went to the pub last night, I saw my ex (She broke up with me 6 and a half months ago) and she ignored me until I asked her why?. We went outside and talked for hours about the old times and her new relationship (which she isn't happy in.. at all) We had a laugh and were getting on unusually well. Then we had a silence and gazed at each other for about 5 seconds and smiled, then she looked away and said "you shouldn't of done that! I'm still in love with you." We talked about our feelings after that and I admitted I was still in love with her too and that I wanted her back in my life. We hugged and she kissed my neck then she cried for ages and said she wanted to sleep over at mine and lay with me in bed :D I said that's not going to happen, god knows why. I walked her home and she hardly said a word, We hugged then she walked off and then came back for another. Then I left.

Ive had no communication since, but I really love her and I'm struggling to make a decision of what to do.

Im sure there must be some truth in what she was saying. What should I do?


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  • She must have broken up with you for a reason. A bit of talking about stuff that was good doesn't invalidate that reason. Obviously if her current relationship isn't going well she'll be thinking of other ones that were better. Even if somehow she dumped her bad relationship and went back to you, chances are whatever problem happened the first time would happen again. It's hard but you'd do well to rationalise that sometimes even love isn't enough to make something work . I think at the last minute you realized this.

    Really deep love doesn't just go away you just learn to endure it's presence in the back of your mind.

    on a side note, regardless of meeting you, if she's not happy in her relationship why is she still in it? That in itself says something about her psychology.


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