How to move on when it's over? :(

it's really difficult for me. I tried it all, all the suggestions.. but I continue to see/hear him. time is always the healer I know... but for some reason time is standing still. I feel a huge void in my life without him. and I can't even tell him. because I feel it puts me in a clingy and yet vulnerable position. and, understandable, a guy should come to you.. or at least the "break up party". he is! that's the problem. but in all the wrong ways. friendship. work. slight attempts at a boyfriend material.. but never reaching far enough. so it's clear I should let him go like others have suggested here. so why can't i? why can't I be strong like other people? I'm divorced, have kids, I'm kinda cute (so they say)... I'm in good shape, I have talents, I'm smart.. yet I feel there is no one out there for me. and the worst part is I thought I found my other half already. I just feel really lost and messed up from all this. my self-esteem is obviously shot. I just can't seem to find the right kinda people. and I'm not into dating sites.. I like meeting in real life... and so far that's just not what I need right now. I really don't know what it is that I need. but I would like some tips on how to move on from this. because nothing works.

thanks all


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  • Something will work; it all depends on you. You can continue to feel sorry for yourself, which is a natural reaction. It's understandable since you gave your heart away and now it's gone. Eventually, you're going to need to stop living in the past. You can be strong like others; you choose not to. You have to stop making excuses for yourself. Keep yourself busy. Focus on taking care of your kids and your job.


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  • Going out with friends help can help a lot. Avoid mushy music or romantic movies. Plan something with your kids, talk to other people, join a health club or start Pilates. Either way, stop being alone because when you are, all the memories will come flooding back and you will be back to where you started.

    I agree with azzhole725, BE STRONG if not for yourself, then for your kids.


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