Should I let him kiss me ?

So I've been dating this guy (kinda) since april..and we met online

hes not creepy or weird at all so I'm so suprised..yes dating people online might be lame but his actually really awesome...and I do like him alot..but the thing is that we have only been on 2 dates since and we were gonna go on more during the summer but than he dropped the news on me and told me he's going to the army for a year and than going back to college so yes I was very broken..because this was a guy I like (liked) a he moved and I didn't get to say bye to him because he moved back to his home town ..and in 2 weeks or so he's coming back to the city to go to the army and he wanted to meet me before he I'm wondering IF he kisses me..does that mean that he wants me to wait? should I let him kiss me? or should I just let him go..? Please help ..thanks :)let


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  • vary true go with your heart, but honestly from a military man's perspective, he will prob. wait for you if his feelings are strong enough, you will just have to take a gamble. If it was me in his shoes, because I'm going through a similar situation, I'd wait for you, because there is nothing worse than going through out your life wondering what could have been.


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  • The situation sounds like any chances of you two dating are not going to happen. If he does kiss you, it means he still cares for you and is probably sad about leaving you. If he doesn't, perhaps he doesn't want to make the break up seem harder than it is. If he's going to be in the army for an extended period of time, you should probably let him go (unless you really, really, REALLY feel like he's the one). It's okay to move on, time will heal everything. Good luck!

  • Go with your heart :)

    Thats all I can say.


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