First breakup emtions?

I broke up with my first love, he was phsyco and emotional abuser, however, all I can remember now is the good moments we had, although he was really bad to me for the last year
Is there anyway I can stop that and do not even care about him anymore,


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  • Its normal for him to pop in your mind and be constantly reminded of the good times. Thats your brain making up excuses to get back together.
    What is most effective is to shift these thoughts when they end up, for example if you are having a romantic fantasy tell the fantasy him straight in his face what he has done to you and that you are done, walk away and end the fantasy knowing it was a good choice.

    This kind of mindcontrol is better then blocking the thoughts entirely, as they will still be processed this way. Its a constant reminder to your subcontious that you are really done with him and wish to move on. Sooner or later your subcontious will follow and you will be free of these thoughts.

    • Will his mind be doing the same?

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    • Possibly, he might even be very persistent or angry when he does.
      Whatever you do, don't give in hoping for him to conform to who he used to be.
      If you take him back you should take him back for who he is, which we already established is not the person you love.

    • Angry why?
      You are 100% right

  • rebound relationships or sex, traveling, sex tourism... it wipes your feelings like magic !


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  • You can't force yourself to stop caring or loving someone especially your first love even though you know how bad they are for you. If it was that easy then it wouldn't have been love to begin with. I completely understand what your saying about the only thinking of the good times. But that's how it goes unfortunately hun, when you think of leaving someone you think of all the bad things then when you actually have left them you start missing them and just thinking of all the happy times. But the thoughts you had when you left him are right. The ones your having now are because you are missing him but they will pass. You will fall in love again how you deserve to. Your first love is rarely your only love.


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