How to end a long distance relationship?

I got into a long distance relationship but I don't think it will work out. Do I tell her and break up or just drift apart slowly?
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  • If you're sure you're done with the relationship, then breaking up is probably your best choice.
    This way you can both move on and realize it is over with. There's no second guessing things, or false hope of something more to come of it one day. Breaking up is difficult, but long distance is very hard on the heart at times. Think it through well and if you're still sure you dont want to continue it, let the person know soon as you can. Have a heartfelt talk and explain the reason, that way this individual will not be stuck wondering what they had done wrong, or where those feelings came from, and can accept it knowing a reason behind it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • How far away? If close, face to face. If not, sktpe, phone, or be a chicken shit and text. Don't string her a long, it's not fair


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  • I think you should express your concerns, hear out her opinion, and try and see if you can work things out and resolve your problems before you resort to breaking up with her.

  • Break Up. But call her when you break up. DO NOT TEXT HER. Skype or some kind of face chat would be even better.


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