I have a very special story and need some input?

I met a woman and over the course of time, she and I were falling in love. Cuban girl, didn't speak any English. I'm billingual so it didn't matter. I approached the situation wrong and did not realize she was asking for a serious relationship. I wasn't honest about my true feelings beacause I was afraid of being thought of as a fool. She gave me strong hints towards the end of our time together, kissing me passionately and asking me what I really thought of her. Honestly I wanted to be with her in bed thinking myself stupid for believing in love, but at the same time I knew she was special. I ended up thinking sex first and maybe something more intimate later. She was scared to sleep with me beacuse she did not want to feel used and fall in love afterwards. The chemistry we shared was that strong. She is a rough woman with a strong character. She was far from a saint but saw goodness is me and thought that I could make her happy. She gave up on men but still saved something very special: believing in true love. I never believed in that but she taught me a lesson. I am a better man today for realizing many things and thank her very much for it even though I can't see her. I admire her very much. It pains me deeply that I cannot see her anymore. I do not wish to go into detail but I literally will run the risk of ending up in prison on dead if I try to see her. Bottom line is, an old friend of mine wants to kill me. I hurt her feelings in the end without realizing it. She is 11 years older than me, see. She saw me as a special someone that could turn her life around, take her away from the hard drugs and alcohol, and genuinely cared for her. Truth is, I wanted that too. But now I learned that old friend is dying in the hospital and isn't going to make it. That old friend convinced her that I was only trying to use her and I said to everyone I slept with her. Do you think she will try again? It's been half a year but I still want her. I never met anyone like her.


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  • Have you told her all that you wrote here? I think that complete honesty (including the foolish, early things) is your best chance to convince her that much of what the old friend said about you is untrue. You have to work out all of it, not just the harm he introduced. It sounds like he really believed you were using her based on how you acted. It would follow that she would believe it too.


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